AlterEgos HD Virtual Agent Extended Clothing Library v1

New Virtual Agent Clothing Library for AlterEgos HD

NEW! Dress your AlterEgos HD Virtual Agent for any occasion. When it comes to adding that extra element of personalisation to your AlterEgos HD Virtual Agent, we are happy to launch the AlterEgos HD – Extended Wardrobe v1. It is a collection of no less than 139 clothing items fo
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AlterEgos HD Captivate e-learning Virtual Agent Integration with transparent background

AlterEgos Virtual Agents working with Adobe Captivate e-learning solution

Enhanced experience with Adobe Captivate e-learning and AlterEgos Virtual Agents We are often asked by our users how to integrate AlterEgos Avatars into e-learning solutions, this overview shows how to get the best out of the combination of AlterEgos Virtual Agent technology and the w
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AlterEgos e-learning and LMS come alive

AlterEgos gives Presentations and CBT a voice with an Animated Avatar.

Putting an Animated Avatar in your Presentation or CBT helps in many ways… fact! Making presentations more memorable and compelling can be difficult at the best of times, adding an Animated Avatar increases the effectiveness of your CBT content, a winning formula! AlterEgos HD g
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To Virtual Agent or not Virtual Agent? that is the question!

To Virtual Agent or not Virtual Agent? that is the question! We have all noticed the dramatic shift in conventional communications, where a letter, an email or a telephone call used to be the primary method of a customer seeking support or guidance, we are now directed to the internet
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